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MSSP Select Partner

Digital security, everywhere you need it.

Fortinet is one of the leading developers when it comes to IT and network security, specialized on companies of all sizes.

As a Fortinet MSSP partner, we are happy to help you plan and realize your security concept, operated by either your own IT team or as a managed service.

Utilizing the next-generation Firewalls from Fortinet, FortiGate, we will assist you in building the fundamentals for a powerful, scalable and security oriented network.

Using Fortinet grants you:

  • Network security systems with high data throughput

  • Consistent real-time protection provided by FortiGuard services

  • Companywide visualization of threats with the security fabric concept

Enhance your security with FortiSASE to provide a secure and easy to use environment for your remote users to use.

With FortiSASE you can:

  • Provide consistent protection for your remote workers by implementing a Zero Trust strategy

  • Configure granular access to internal services, as well as powerful protection when accessing internet services

Feel free to contact one of our consultants to learn more about Fortinet solutions.

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