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MC 100

MC 100 - EASY & SAFE
  • simply connect MC 100 to network – get started

  • SSL-based VPN eliminates configuration of existing routers / firewalls

  • newly developed features available free of charge

  • RouterWerk updates MC 100 remotely

  • easily set up users (guests, craftsmen, etc.)

  • full control over accesses by email report


With the MC products, RouterWerk ensures the provision of an encrypted point-to-point dial-up connection to the customer's network location. Using an open source SSL VPN software, dial-up to home and customer networks is made possible. The dial-up device can access all services of the remote site network in the basic configuration.

The operating systems Microsoft Windows (as of Vista), Linux, Android, macOS and iOS are supported. With its MC products, RouterWerk offers a fully encrypted out-of-the-box VPN solution with minimal configuration expenses. By using SSL VPN, the configuration of any existing routers and firewalls is completely eliminated. The product has its own web interface for managing login details. For each VPN connection, a connection report is sent by email. It contains information on the dial-up and dial-out time, as well as username, duration, connection ID and a detailed log of the network connections to the individual devices.

Services related to the products:

The VPN gateway is kept up to date by the company RouterWerk. Security holes will be closed (if patches are available) within 48 hours. The customer receives the latest version of the RouterWerk products. Newly developed features during the contract period are available to the customer at no additional expense.

Access to network devices in your home
  • operating network devices at home on the go

  • encrypted point-to-point dial-up connection

  • up to 2 devices can be used simultaneously

  • your data will always remain encrypted

  • open source SSL VPN software enables dial-up to remote / home network

  • access to all services of local network with basic configuration

Installation of building services
  • fast / inexpensive through remote maintenance

  • simple set-up of personalized access – thus complete monitoring of connections of service provider

  • accurate billing of service providers possible

Access to home IT / network
  • NAS and camera access can be easily shared with friends / family

  • synchronize mobile devices with private cloud

  • browsing from abroad / hotel via separate network output at home

  • independent of public cloud services / full control over your own data

  • Pet TV / Child TV – use your home camera to easily check what is happening at home

remote help for parents and acquaintances
  • simply connect MC100 in circle of relatives / acquaintances in order to be able to help from afar

Remote access without DynDNS
  • completely configuration-free / requires no set-up of DynDNS connection

  • works anytime / anywhere – even with DS-Lite access

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