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RouterWerk Managed Backup offers companies an affordable way to implement a disaster-proof backup system.

There are no license costs compared to conservative backup solutions

  • depending on amount of backup data,

  • for efficient deduplication of data,

  • for encryption of data

Instead of relying on expensive and unwieldy tape drives and magnetic tapes, a redundancy level is created by copying the backup archive to USB storage every day. As an option, the entire backup data can also be replicated daily to an external location.

It is very easy for the user to back up data. Instead of having to use complicated backup tools or resorting to local administration, the user can easily access the backup data of the last few weeks (period depending on the amount of data and the dimensioning of the storage) by means of network release to the status of the desired backup date.

Managed Connect Enterprise VPN

Daily redundancy

on USB storage






storage main location

storage secondary


easy access to backup data

Overview of Routerwerk Managed Backup

Due to the efficient block-based deduplication, additional storage space is only required per backup in the amount of the compressed, actual amount of data.

Efficiency analysis

With a data volume of 550 gigabytes, a conventional backup is calculated with a daily increment of 20 % (110 gigabytes, compressed in the best case 33 gigabytes). With a monthly full backup within 450 days:


16 full backup

432 incremental backups


Using a deduplicated backup with daily full backup, there are:


data volume

compressed data volume

data volume after 450 days of backup

deduplicated data volume daily backup

compressed data volume after 450 days of backup

total amount of data after deduplication

In order to secure 23 terabytes in the long term, a significantly higher infrastructure investment is necessary than for storing 173 gigabytes. The resulting data volume and structure can be replicated at an external location with significantly lower time and bandwidth requirements.

Efficiency analysis

RouterWerk offers

  • monitoring of backup –user is informed timely about capacity problems / failed backup executions

  • update and maintenance of backup server

  • help with accessing long-term archiving

Further developments of the system are installed free of charge.

Do you have any questions?

We also offer individual technology solutions for you privately or your company. Just give us a call or write us an email:

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