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Our engineering team provides you with professional support in setting up your network and energy structure. Building automation, installation of network infrastructure and security technology from trade professionals:

  • Network installation work, construction and upgrading of server rooms

  • Capacity planning of your data center power supply, planning of failure scenarios

  • access control systems

  • time recording systems

  • camera surveillance

  • Installation and programming of bus systems and components for building automation (SmartHome)


With us you optimize user-friendliness and data protection. Leverage social login integration and reduce user hassles. Integrate comprehensive user profiling and facilitate more transactions. Automatically create user accounts, visualize permissions, and engage data owners in all critical steps of the workflow. Confusing and risky authorization structures are a thing of the past.

  • Electronic access control for company rooms in connection with smart cards or RFID tokens

  • Certificate authentication on the computer, use of a certificate for computer access and e-mail signing/encryption (hardware token and PIN instead of weak passwords)

  • Authentication to Single Sign On solutions


As the name suggests, the technology enables mobile phone calls to be made via any WLAN hotspot instead of conventionally via mobile communications.

The person you are talking to does not notice anything and can be connected via landline or cell phone.

It is therefore rather an alternative connection method, similar to VOIP or VoLTE. There are no differences in handling.

Just dial the number you want, done! But why a new type of connection? In certain situations, Wifi calling opens up a number of advantages over conventional mobile telephony!

It is a well-known fact that cellphone waves do not reach everywhere. Well-insulated buildings, shopping centers, underground car parks or tunnels could be mentioned here as examples. Therefore, additional internal systems are sometimes installed in affected zones so that telephoning is still possible as usual. However, such systems are not available everywhere or practical, such as in one's own home. Wificalling is the solution - the technology simply establishes a connection to the mobile network as usual, provided that WLAN is available on site. This even works worldwide and in the best quality! We have summarized the most important advantages below:

  • Global mobile phone calls / SMS even without a mobile network
    (or roaming)

  • faster call setup as with VoLTE

  • excellent voice quality

  • phone as usual

  • no extra app required (with a few exceptions)

  • partly included free of charge in the mobile phone tariff (depending on the provider)


The authentication and authorization of a user in the network form the core of successful identity and access management. However, without the appropriate Identity & Access Management software, user administration and authorization management is often unnecessarily complicated. Our IAM software includes functionalities to make the entire process flow regarding authentication and authorization more effective for you:

  • Auto User Provisioning/ Automated Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Workflow Management & Self Service

  • password management

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Role Based Access Control & Access Governance

  • Reporting, Audit & Compliance


Our network management software is used to monitor, maintain and provision computer networks. It helps you to monitor the bandwidth, availability, performance and hardware of your network. It is often the network monitoring as a whole or a specific network analysis or support for your detailed network diagnosis.

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Firewalling: Conception and implementation of securing your network borders. We advise you on the choice of the ideal firewall solution to suit your security and network throughput requirements.

  • App ID (Layer 7)  based firewall setup: configuration of the firewalling by means of application recognition independent of the ports used.

  • Policy Based Firewalling:  Formulation of firewall rules for user groups.

  • SSL decryption and inspection:  Inspection of threats within encrypted connections; Configuration of exceptions for your accounting (banking) and business administration.

  • URL filtering:  Control at the network proxy which user group can access which URLs; Avoiding circumventing the company security structure by using anonymizing proxies or webmail services (realization in combination with AppID).

  • Thread Prevention:  Detection of virus malware in downloads on the firewall, detection of spyware and botnets.

  • VPN:  Integration with RouterWerk Managed Connect, Palo Alto GlobalProtect, IPSec

  • High-availability:  Failover setup active/active, active/passive.

Your firewall is the most important organ of your platform. We design hybrid setups of open source components with commercial manufacturers for maximum network security. RouterWerk is a Palo Alto partner and secures your network with the most advanced and stable Next Generation Firewall.

  • IPv4 and IPv6 firewalling

  • Integration of RouterWerk Managed Connect, IPSec, OpenVPN

  • quality of service

  • Multipath routing configuration (routing across multiple uplinks)

  • Implementation of open source IDS systems

  • Configuration of honeypots

  • Network access control using 802.1X in the LAN and WLAN


Are you manufacturer?

We offer you an individual and tailor-made solution. It doesn't matter whether it's for 100 or 100,000 users/connections. Many areas such as monitoring and interfaces can be adapted to your needs and existing hardware.

We offer manufacturers of IoT (Internet of Things),
Home, electronics and house technology the integration of our solutions in your applications. You save yourself the maintenance of your own VPN solutions, for which the hardware of your device may not be designed, and you do not have to deal with all liability issues associated with the operation and maintenance of your own VPN solution.

In housing and plant construction, we support you with network and VPN solutions to support building services, security technology or healthcare solutions. Our extensive knowledge in electronics and networks makes your company strong for the future.

Are you enthusiastic about our report features or the quality of their solutions - we look forward to working with you! Don't hesitate to contact us!

Phone: +49 4532 9963600 |


We offer limitless communication via e-mail, video or telephone, a smooth exchange of data and permanent access to the company network through our network solutions. Regardless of place and time, these are normal in our working world in times of digitization. A stable, fast and secure network is essential for business processes to function smoothly. We support you from the conception to the implementation of LAN and WLAN networks for your company.

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With Endpoint Security, we offer an approach to protecting computer networks that are remotely connected to client devices. Connecting laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other wireless devices to corporate networks creates attack paths for security threats. In addition to protecting your organization's endpoints from potential threats, endpoint security allows IT administrators to oversee operational functions and data protection strategies in your organization.


Surveillance cameras that connect to their base station and the connected network via WiFi (“IP cameras”) and use batteries or rechargeable batteries as the power source simplify installation.


Keep an eye on individual rooms, an entire house or property and be informed directly when something happens: IP cameras enable easy surveillance of indoor and outdoor areas.


The IP surveillance cameras are integrated into the home network via Wifi or LAN cable, so that you can easily access them from any device.

Recordings are stored in Full HD on a memory card, in a cloud or on a recorder. Various additional functions optimize protection via the network camera.

  • IP cameras

  • WiFi cameras

  • taking photos

  • Film

  • Monitor


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